The Walnridge Farm

Dr. David A. Meirs’ (1929 – 2017) love of Walnridge Farm in Cream Ridge, Monmouth County (NJ), has spanned his lifetime, and he speaks of his home with enormous enthusiasm and obvious total devotion.

Since then, his son, Richard S. Meirs, VMD has inherited, not only Walnridge Farm, but also the devotion to agriculture and its preservation.

Walnridge Farm, which today is a Standardbred horse breeding operation, entered the family on June 28, 1830, when Dr. Meirs’ great-great-great-grandfather, Nicholas Waln, paid $11,000 for 500 acres of land and gave them as a gift to his son Richard Waln.  The Waln family history can be traced to the first Nicholas Waln who arrived in this country on the ship Welcome with William Penn in 1682

In 1971, Walnridge began as a Standardbred horse breeding farm.

The New Jersey Sire Stakes Program started in 1972, and Walnridge Farm was able to evolve from a farm that was simply loved by its owners to a profitable operation. 

Dr. Meirs has continued to improve the facilities of the farm both as a Standardbred breeding operation and for his own equine veterinary practice.  

All of the Dr. Meirs’ ancestors have been involved in agriculture, and he derives enormous satisfaction from knowing that his own children will very definitely carry on the farming operation at Walnridge Farm for many, many years to come.